Family bunker
Suitable for families
with a private house
  • human
    4-12 people
  • clock
    Up to 30
    days of stay
  • bed
    2-8 sleeping spots
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Public bunker
For IT specialists, for public institutions
or government facilities
  • human
    36-100 people
  • clock
    Up to 1 month
    of stay
  • bed
    80 seating and 20
    sleeping spots
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Military bunker
For conducting meetings with the command staff
and for the rest of the personnel
  • human
    2-8 people
  • clock
    2-48 hours
    of stay
  • speed
    Quick to install
    and relocate
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Configurator of a practical and safe bomb shelter


Additional services

The final price of additional services depends on consultation with a personal manager

Geodetic project


finished product + project (soils, groundwater & communication networks investigation)

Turnjey solution


turnkey product solution (we deliver a project, geodesy and installation work)
Technical characteristics